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Why do people pre-arrange a funeral service for themselves or a family member?

There are many good reasons: Some pre-arrange because there will be no one who is capable if making responsible decisions.Others have definite preferences concerning their funeral service, and they want their families to be informed and involved in the decisions.Most pre-arrange in a sincere desire to be helpful, and th each the anxieties of their survivors.Pre-arrangement assures concerned attention to your preferences and desires, that otherwise might not be recognized...and it protects your survivors from, one day, having to make decisions at a time when decisions could be difficult and confusing.By making decisions in advance which are so difficult later, you bring priceless peace of mind to yourself and to your loved ones.

Future Decisions Now: Planning is part of life. 

Pre-arrangement is a safe and secure way to make your personal wishes known for the type of funeral service you desire and assures you that the funeral expenses can be paid. This plan is funded by the permanent life insurance or annuity and is available, without medical examination, for persons up to age 100. Because funeral costs go up each year, this plan offers built-in inflation protection. The death benefit will increase yearly, so no matter what inflation does to funeral costs in the future, your death benefit will increase. In addition, you pay no taxes on the increase.This plan is underwritten by Investors Heritage Life Insurance Company with its home office in Frankfort, Kentucky. At year end 2004, Investors Heritage has approximately $3.3 billion of total insurance in force and is considered a leader in the pre-arrangement market.The Investors Heritage Legacy Plan will ensure that the life insurance protection you already have wont' be diminished by your funeral expenses.

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